Prices & Policies

Standard Tuning $105

For pianos that are tuned regularly and have good structural integrity and a stable climate.

I have been tuning pianos professionally for over 14 years. Aural tuning is preferable because your piano will be tuned both technically precise and musically. I tune for several music professionals in my service area and they can attest to my tuning prowess.  I use an electronic tuning fork to pitch your piano properly. I tune to equal temperament and I custom build the tuning to match your piano’s potential. In most circumstances I will tune to frequency A=440 Hz.

Pitch Correction $20 to $75 (in addition to a standard tuning)

A piano that has not been tuned in a while, or that has been exposed to extreme climate change may be significantly flat or sharp in one or more area of the piano. This service is necessary to attain proper string tension and stability.  The price is contingent upon how far off your piano is from concert pitch. For instance, if the middle of the piano needs to be tuned twice but the rest of the piano is pretty close, the additional fee will be $20. If sections of the piano are between 20-30 cents off, the additional fee will be $40. If the piano is more than 50 cents flat, the additional fee will be $75.

Assessments $100/piano

When combined with a tuning, verbal assessment of your piano is included. Fee may vary depending on the piano's geographic location. If the appointment takes more than one hour, I will start charging on an hourly basis for an assessment. 

If you are already a customer and have expressed interest in a service that I offer, I will provide you with an project estimate free of charge.

Appraisals  $250/piano.

I will provide you with a .pdf document within 2 days after the home visit. It will include a summary of the overall condition of your piano and a closer look at each element of your piano. It is a full report with very specific details. 

Repairs  $100 for the first hour, $75.00 each additional hour for on site service.

             $65/hour shop rate.

             $45/half hour if combined with tuning.

If the service call does not include tuning, there is a $100. minimum/appointment.

Payment Method

I accept cash and personal checks.   

No Show/Missed Appointments: 

You will be charged half of my tuning fee ($52.50). I will wait for up to 15 minutes for you to arrive. If you are running late, please call me to let me know. I'm very understanding! I'll try to reach you at the phone number that you gave to me when we scheduled. If we can't get in touch I'll leave my bill at your door. 


Please be kind and notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel. The more notice I have, the better! Cancellation 8 hours or less before scheduled appointment will be considered a no-show and you will be charged $50.

If I'm Running Late

I do my best to be punctual to every appointment. However, due to traffic and appointments that run over due to unexpected repairs, I ask my customers to be flexible with timing or to please arrange to leave me a key. I will always try to call to let you know in advance. The only time that you would not get this phone call is if cell phone reception is poor. If you have to leave during the tuning, I have no problem making arrangements to lock the door behind me (if you feel comfortable with this).   

My Prices are non-negotiable. Prices are based on cost of living, equipment maintenance, and other expenses associated with running a successful business. ​*Prices may vary due to extended mileage/distance to appointments.

Piano Service by Rose

Servicing Pianos in Northwestern VT since 2003