Piano Service by Rose

Servicing Pianos in Northwestern VT since 2003

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I've been tuning pianos professionally for more than 12 years. Click to learn more about me and my qualifications.

What is the key to having a piano that sounds in tune all the time? Please read more to learn about how climate change can impact your piano. 

I'd love to hear from you! I find that Email is the most convenient way to set up an appointment. It ensures accurate data transfer and leaves us both with a record of our conversation. 

Services offered include:

  Aural Tuning      •      Voicing      •     Maintenance    Regulation     •     Repairs      •     Action Restoration    Restringing      •    Assessments      •     Appraisals

Rose Kinnick, Certified Piano Technician

"I aim to please every customer by providing the best piano service possible. No matter what your piano’s condition, I give a fair assessment of its needs and cater to your individual circumstance. I will work with you to design a suitable service plan for your piano."